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Is It Possible for Anyone To Achieve Full Muscle Strength and Endurance, Boost Total Strength And Ramp Up Healing Relief In Just 4 Weeks By Activating This Hidden Muscle Activator Switch?

Discover The 10-Minute Secret To Full Energy, Body Power And Dynamic Movement...Without The Need Of A Gym!

 Welcome dear one,

I've been eagerly awaiting your arrival.

WHAT IF I told you conventional workouts isn't just building your endurance at a very slow pace but it's also secretly sabotaging your muscle strength, recovery speed and movement agility?

​I'm going to reveal to you a simple, yet highly effective 10-minute per day routine that can skyrocket your well-being, improve daily performance and range of motion. 


Yes, right now is the moment you've been waiting for...​

You're ready to experience the benefits of full mobility and high levels of body control. 

 Before I reveal my secret trick to you, I need to start at the beginning and share with you the deeply personal story that brought me here today.

Let me first introduce myself. 

 My name is Keith Lopez and believe me, I know what I'm talking about. Twenty years ago, I left my standard american diet and sedentary life only to become a full-time professional nutrition and fitness expert. 

 To this date, I've helped thousands of people from all walks of life achieve significant gains in their health and fitness.  

As a typical sedentary person I used to spend over 10 hours behind my computer almost every day. Until one evening, after 12 hours of watching TV I couldn't stand up from chair. 

I experienced total neuro-muscular shutdown in my lower back, hips and thigh muscles.


If You're A Person Who Needs More Endurance, More Speed And Power Without Wasting Precious Time With Outdated Methods …Keep Reading.

Yes, what you are about to learn is powerful.

And if you think that I am talking about some complicated body postures, I'm not.


This natural 'endurance hack' tricks your survival system and turns your muscles into elastic steel pipes by restructuring the alignment of your entire muscle activation.

It's all about the simplest body positions that you can im

 Thousands of people lose motivation to train and practice nutrition simply because they aren't able to use  discernment enough and they don't know how to train effectively. 

I Stumbled Upon A Hidden Gem That Instantly Boosts Energy

 All of a sudden, I experienced strong sensation of warmth and a rush of blood flowing throughout my entire body. I felt energized and much more vital. 

Although this was not my daily workout.

I could nearly do all squats for an hour straight,


Dropping into squats and push ups has just become easier.

 Ever since I went through this simple routine, I have much more energy and motivation to train regularly.  

All that's needed is to follow a short,

simple consistently for just weeks and then enjoy Health.


My training works, just as it can work for you too!


Since this methodology only takes few minutes from start to finish, you'll save a lot of valuable training time that you can invest into learning new skills and techniques. 

Let's be honest, who has time and money left to spare nowadays?

Efficient training is key.

Introducing The Natural Health Program:


 The Natural Health and Fitness Program can unleash your full endurance potential quickly and naturally.

Yes, this training is so strong... and suitable for both, beginning and advanced practitioners.

 Imagine How It Would Feel To Have Full Endurance And Core Strength Ingrained Into Your Physical Structure... 

Just 10 minutes 5 Times Per Week And

You Can Achieve What Most People Only Dream of Achieving.

Inside The Natural Health and Fitness Program, You'll Discover...

How to do full squats and deep push ups any time during the day, completely cold without the need of a warm-up... 

Discover the shortened endurance routine for busy people that you can use at home, in a gym or outdoors without any equipment... 


The Natural Health Program

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

30 days of Private Person Professional Video Training 

10 minute sessions

5 days per week

Submit what time you would like to train daily before your spot is taken. This is a limited time offer for this one on one video personal training.

Fitness & Nutrition Education


The highest level of Health you are willing to imagine. 


Learn how to workout anywhere, anytime, with your body-weight and no equipment. 

Understand why ten minutes is more than enough time to train and see results. 

Know what foods benefit our biology and why, from a professional. 

Call today to schedule a Health Consultation.  

Thank you for taking your time and energy to visit Natural Health and Organic Fitness here at 

What to Expect on your first few visits:

-History questionnaire and S.M.A.R.T. goal establishment

-One Page Miracle

-A.N.T. therapy

-E.M.D.R. therapy

-Breathe control

-Alkalize blood

-Guided meditation

-Cognitive therapy with visualization

-Incantations to create a new story

-10 minute exercise training and testing

-Nutrition evaluation and regiment 

-At least one healthy recipe per visit

-Home Study after initial visit please click here


 -"Exposure equals preference"

 -Preparation is Nutrition 

 -Long term or short term pain

 -You get to, not have to

 -Gratitude list

Test Averages:


Push Up


Some of Keith's Accomplishments:

Born on October 20, 1977

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sciences

Masters in Nutrition

Doctorate of Nutrition and Natural Health 

General Manager of Giant  National Fitness Center

Personal Trainer

Community and Cooperate Fitness Centers

Bicycled from Fort Lauderdale to Texas for Environmental and Emotional Awareness

Single Father of a 3 year old for 2.5 years

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Thank you. 

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