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Dr. Keith J Lopez

Doctorate of Nutrition and Natural Health

Masters in Nutrition

Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Sciences

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  • Whole food nutrition
  • Stress reduction techniques

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What to Expect on your first few visits:

-History questionnaire and S.M.A.R.T. goal establishment

-One Page Miracle

-A.N.T. therapy

-E.M.D.R. therapy

-Breathe control

-Alkalize blood

-Guided meditation

-Cognitive therapy with visualization

-Incantations to create a new story

-10 minute exercise training and testing

-Nutrition evaluation and regiment 

-At least one healthy recipe per visit

-Home Study after initial visit please click here


 -"Exposure equals preference"

 -Preparation is Nutrition 

 -Long term or short term pain

 -You get to, not have to

 -Gratitude list

Test Averages:


Push Up


Much thanks and appreciation to great teachers, that all have completely changed my life to be happier, stronger, and healthier and can easier be searched on YouTube or finds books written by; such as: 

  Dr. Herbert Sheldon

  Dr. Douglass Graham

  Dr. Emoto

  Dr. Daniel Amen

  Dr. Wayne Van Horne

  Dr. David Hawkins

  Tim Van Horne

  Dr. Norman Cousins

  James Allen

  Gichen Funakoshi



  Napolian Hill

  Earl Nightingale

  Dr. Will Tutle

  Dr. Colin Cambel

  Colin Tiping

  Marshal Rosenthal

  Neil Donald Walsh

  Dr. George Simon

  Richard Bach

  Bill Moleston


  Haile Selassie I


  Anthony Robbins

  Dr. David Dada

  Wim Hoff

Some of Keith's Accomplishments:

Born on October 20, 1977

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sciences

Masters of Nutrition

General Manager of Giant  National Fitness Center

Personal Trainer

Community and Cooperate Fitness Centers

Bicycled from Fort Lauderdale to Texas for Environmental and Emotional Awareness

Single Father of a 3~ year old for 2.5 years






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